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This tool does not receive or collect your photo. When you drag a photo into the frame, or pick one from your machine, it will only be read by your browser locally, and not uploaded to any of our servers. You can verify this by disconnecting from the internet. The tool will continue to work. Our server automatically receives a tiny heartbeat signal when the website is loaded (by design). This helps us understand the amount of incoming traffic, and helps us not end up financially ruined. This involves no cookies, and no further tracking of your movements across the web. All that data stays with us momentarily, and is not shared with anyone.

You can use this website freely and without setting up an account or anything, it is free now, may involve paid components later. You can NOT copy or re-use, re-brand or duplicate and modify this tool, however. The source is private, even if you feel like you can take it apart and duplicate it. Full and exclusive copyright belongs to TwentyPeople Ltd, 26 Chapel Market, London, N1 9EZ, UK. This includes the glow ring graphics, the naming and the overall design.

Most importantly, we have NOTHING TO DO with the great folks at Clubhouse.
Neither the audio app, nor the project management tool. We just love the app.
This is not an official app, it's not even endorsed or supported by Clubhouse.
Don't involve us, if you run into any Clubhouse trouble.

Use this tool at your own risk, as always.

How to get a custom design

We've made some custom designs for organizations, non-profits and other groups.

If you're interested in having your own custom ring available here, then feel free to reach out at @mittermayr on Twitter, or send an e-mail to: and we'll be happy to talk.