The Free Tech Seo Site Audit Checklist

The Free Tech SEO Site Audit Checklist

The Free Tech Seo Site Audit Checklist
The Free Tech Seo Site Audit Checklist

The Free Tech Seo Site Audit Checklist

  • 1. Crawling & Indexing
  • 2. Meta & Structured Data
  • 3. Content
  • 4. Links & Navigation
  • 5. Images
  • 6. Video
  • 7. Mobile
  • 8. Security

1. Crawling & Indexing

the crawling and indexing section of the audit makes sure that search engines can find, crawl, and index your content without challenge. 

2. Meta & Structured Data

Both metadata and structured data have become increasingly complex in SEO. Here we include 8 quick checks to ensure maximum visibility in all types of search results. 

3. Content

Content isn't often considered "technical" SEO, but many technical issues with the content itself can impact indexing and rankings. Beyond the quality of the content itself, these technical issues need to be checked and addressed. 

4. Links & Navigation

Links are the roads that hold your site together and connect it to the larger internet around the world. Google uses links in a variety of ways to rank content, so here we include 8 brief audits to make sure your links are optimized for crawling and ranking. 

5. Images

Images not only add relevance to web pages, but also improve engagement, and can help with rankings. Additionally, Google Images is one of the largest search engines by itself in the world.

6. Video

Videos play an increasingly important role on the web, but in truth, many sites pay no attention to video SEO. This is one area where Google simply won't "figure it out" without solid, technical SEO.

7. Mobile

Google is now mobile-first! Most SE0 audits take place on the desktop, but doing a few quick mobile checks can make the difference between ranking or not.

8. Security

Many SEOs often overlook security issues, but Google takes it very seriously. Beyond implementing HTTPS, there are a couple of areas you want to check if your site experiences problems.