4 Some Valuable Business Tips


4 Some Valuable Business Tips
4 Some Valuable Business Tips

4 Some Valuable Business Tips

  • 1. Why I stopped a Successful Business? (Lessons Learnt)
  • 2. Money Started Flowing In
  • 3. Reality Hits You
  • 4. Important Lessons Learnt


1. Why I stopped a Successful Business? (Lessons Learnt)

It was 2017 when I first got the idea of teaching kids how to code. This idea came to me when I was looking for an opportunity to contribute. I found that UK lacks software engineers because there weren't enough teachers to teach coding. 
This was a gap where I could help with my expertise. I never started it with the intention of a business. 
I looked for a library near my place and I started a free Code Club for kids. The Code Club was full in it's first session and we started getting bookings for my future sessions in advance. 

2. Money Started Flowing In

Kids started loving the content and the method of teaching. They started asking for more sessions. 
Parents approached me offering me money to teach their kids in more detail. It made think about the opportunity. 
I booked a room and started with my paid coding sessions. I was also doing free sessions where I advertised my business to new students. 
I started earning and growth seemed unlimited. I dreamt of leaving my job and doing this full time. 

3. Reality Hits You

I realised the content I was teaching in my paid session was so advance that the kids enjoyed it in the class but they didn't understand it's application, so they forgot what I taught within a week. I needed to spend more time on designing my course but I couldn't due to the following reason. 
In the free sessions all the Administrative work of finding a venue to marketing and finance, everything was handled by a charity and I only did what I enjoyed doing that was teaching. 
With private business, I noticed that I didn't enjoy doing the administrative work which took most of my time. I tried hiring people but I failed due to my visa limitations. 
I was earning money but I wasn't getting the satisfaction and I started feeling miserable with every paid session. 
I stopped. This is what I learnt from this experience... 

4. Important Lessons Learnt

1. Great business opportunities are in the gaps. Where the demand is high and supply is low. You will always find gaps. 2. You need a team to grow as a long term successful business. 3. Seeing a real world long term impact of your business is a major driver to keep you going. 4. Start anything with the pure intention of helping people and money will follow. 5. You should know when to quit as doing something miserable just for money will drain you out. (I still enjoy doing free sessions with no admin work) 
I hope these lessons help you in some part of your life as well. Don't Forget To Save it & Share It to help others.