5 Most Used Figma Plugins


5 Most Used Figma Plugins
5 Most Used Figma Plugins

5 Most Used Figma Plugins

  • 1. Unsplash
  • 2. Iconify
  • 3. Content Reel
  • 4. Wirefra me
  • 5. Fig motion

1. Unsplash

Unsplash offers photographs from different categories, such as animals, architecture, nature, portraits, 

2. Iconify

Iconify offers the designer a large range of design icons from a large number of categories. 

3. Content Reel

It allows you to select one or more layers photos, logos, numbers, date & time information, and more to replace regular dummy content. 

4. Wirefra me

The Wireframe has a list of pre-designed wireframes for Web and Mobile separated into groups that can be linked directly to the Figma page by clicking on the frame. 

5. Fig motion

Figmotion makes animation more manageable to developers, just as it is designed with mobile technology in mind.